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Short Let Accommodation

What’s the difference between choosing a hotel room or short let accommodation in Oxford? Well, some important things actually stay the same, and some important things are very different. Still confused? Then let’s start by looking at an ABC of what you need to consider …

A is for Ambiance

If the restaurant’s closing, and you’re discussing the finer points of a deal with your client; if you’ve just received a phone call from your cousin who’s missed the last train home; or if a dozen other real-life scenarios crop up, just about the last thing you would want to do is invite your impromptu guest back to your hotel room. It’s a bland, functional arrangement which just doesn’t readily do that kind of flexibility.

However, your own luxury short stay accommodation in Oxford is an entirely different matter. Informal family visits, entertaining friends, business meetings and much more can all be accommodated with ease. There’s usually an extra sofa bed, and having plenty of usable living space makes everyone feel more at home. Importantly, the setting will also give you much more of a sense of privacy. After all, that’s why there’s an “apart” in apartment!

B is for Bother

With a hotel room, and regardless of the facilities, it’s hard to lose that sense of ‘living out of a suitcase’. Little allowances have to be made, details observed and house rules followed as part and parcel of your stay. An executive letting in Oxford does away with those restrictions and protocols: you can access your accommodation whenever you wish; enjoy well-appointed facilities and reliable support services which are at least comparable to hotel standards – and often better; and relax in an atmosphere which gives you more ‘home’ comforts arranged in ‘homely’ fashion. So if you’re working and need a cup of coffee or a meal break, then – just as usual – you can go to the kitchen. Having your own cooking, dining, living and sleeping areas is what most people are used to, and that’s what Oxford serviced apartments will provide.

Find Urbane Apartments_ Centrally Located In Oxford

C is for Cost

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find luxury short stay accommodation in Oxford costs significantly less than hotel prices. With that price differential, a stay in Oxford city centre instantly becomes an affordably attractive prospect. Hoteliers will point to bar and restaurant facilities, but a central-Oxford location gives you a comprehensive range of select, top-quality establishments right on your doorstep. In addition, you’ll get to experience the very best of a world-famous metropolis with academic, cultural, historical and business credentials absolutely second to none.

Stay in luxury short let accommodation Oxford

So if you’re in Oxford for a week or more – perhaps for a business trip, holiday break, or on a longer corporate relocation – and want more than just a room, Urbane’s luxury apartments in the centre of Oxford will provide those exclusive facilities and premium living experience you need to enhance your stay.

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